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Sean has been performing stand up comedy in clubs, theaters and colleges for 15 years. He enjoyed a 2 years stint as host of his own comedy/variety show on the Comedy Network in Canada before moving to LA in 2010 to pusue a bigger audience. Sean was the head writer of "Alf's Late Night Talk Show on MTV/TV Land and then co wrote and starred in over 100 web videos on

In 2009 Sean starred in Shark City. (a straight to dvd movie that also starred Vivica Fox and Cory Haim). Sean's first movie role was in the Disney Classic "Rocket Man" where he found himself sanwhiched between William Sadler and Jeffrey DeMunn, masterfully delivering a count back from 10 and finishing with "I think he's gonna break your record sir"



              The Awards

Sean has been decorated with some of the industry's finest accolades

A "Gemini Award" for Television Writing

A Rogers "Cable TV Guide" Award for His work as Host of the Warm Up Show

An " American Screen Writing" Award for his Feature Film "The B"

A  "KTLA Acknowlegement" for his short film "They"


A "Far and away favorite of four children" award from his Mom

Sean begins production on his second short film in a few months. His first one entitled "They" was a winner at the Tallahasse Film Festival.

One of Sean's favorite clubs is the Improv in Tempe AZ. He'll be there again in the fall