Sean Tweedley

About Sean:

Sean is currently on tour in clubs across U.S. and Canada. Check tour dates for more info.

Born and raised on the nasty, cut throat streets of Willowdale, Ontario, Sean Tweedley is an actor/comedian living in Los Angeles. Often heard in commercials for MacDonalds, Mazda and Guiness, Sean has been writing for Television for 15 years including The Mike Bullard Show and Alf's Hit Talk Show, as well as a featured act in such prestigious comedy festivals as Montreal, San Fransisco, Boston, San Diego and Toronto.

Sean's short film "They" appeared in the Tallahassie Film Festival and his Feature script 'The Bee"  finished top 10 in the American Screen Writing Competition.  

  When he’s not touring the country, Sean can be frequently heard on Sirius XM Radio.

Watch for Sean's recurring roll on the new "Gong Show" on ABC.